Press & Media

Press & Media

The Bridal Event Amsterdam marketing and PR team are around to facilitate journalists’ enquiries and to help provide access to the wealth of Bridal Event Amsterdam.

For any press enquiries and to find out how to get accredited for the event, please feel free to contact us on


Bridal Event Amsterdam – Press and Media Accreditation Guidelines


Members of media who want to register for a press pass must provide one of the following:

– A valid press pass from a non-industry affiliated association or from a specialist journalists‘ association covering topics of the trade fair, either from The Netherlands or abroad

– The latest issue of your publication or media type, which show your journalistic (or photojournalistic) activities (please note that these shouldn’t be older than 6 months)

– A letter on company letter head, signed by editor, listing the exact names and titles of those requiring accreditation

– A web link to an online publication (Weblogs, Wikis, E-Paper), of which that person is the originator (here pre-application is necessary due to an extended verification process)


Names of photographers/film crew and assistants must be provided in writing before the start of the Bridal Event Amsterdam.

Photographers/film crews may receive accreditation only if an identified media (written publication or other) submits a proper request to the Bridal Event Amsterdam in the photographer’s name.

The photographers’/film crews’ badges will be given directly to the photographers/film crews when signing in onsite.

Photographers/film crews may supply the photos taken and/or audio and visual recordings made by them at catwalk shows or exhibition to those media for which they are officially accredited.

Photographers/film crews are prohibited from supplying their photos and/or audio and visual recordings to any media other than those for which they are accredited and/or from making use of them in any other way without the express written consent of the rights owners.

All photography or audio and visual recordings used must be credited with the designer’s name and Bridal Event Amsterdam.

Furthermore, the trade fair organisers reserve the right to conduct further investigations to establish proof of journalistic activities, even if a press pass has been submitted. Legitimation should be submitted in English. In individual cases the trade fair organizers reserve the right to additionally request submission of a valid ID containing photographic identification. There is no entitlement to accreditation. If necessary the trade fair organisers reserve the right to restrict accreditation or to revoke it entirely and ban persons from the premises.

For further assistance please contact: